We're still new and a work in progress; please bear with us.

Coffee is an amazing thing...

Whilst we recognise no system is perfect, the global demand for coffee helps support livelihoods and businesses the world over through the full cycle of production and supply.

Our goal with Coffees Index is to highlight the best roasters, coffees and producers in the world. By profiling specialty coffee roasters and their coffees we want to help you discover new and exciting coffees as well as highlighting the producers around the world who farm the green coffee that ultimately ends up in our cups.

What we want to do


Through mid 2020 we're still in our growth phase where we'll be highlighting the best specialty coffee roasters around the world. We'll be adding new roasters each day for you to discover.


Once our roaster index is up to scale, we'll be profiling the coffees from each roaster. We're standardising the view of coffees to make it easier for you to find coffees you already know and suggest coffees you might like. Eventually we'll ask if you want to rate and review coffees to help build a recommendation engine.


After indexing coffees in a structured manner, we'll be able to build a comprehensive view of producers around the world. We think it's really exciting to be able to trace thousands of coffees back to hundreds of producers and use this data to help you find interesting coffees and learn more about where they come from

Want to find out more?

If you'd like to find out more about Coffees Index, please feel free to get in touch.

Rosaters, Producers & Coffees


Coffees Index is a global guide to the world's finest specialty coffee roasters and the coffees they produce.

By profling these specialty roasters we aim to help you drink better coffee at home.

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